Think You're Pregnant?

Think you might be pregnant?

Don’t know what to do or unsure what your options are?

Alternatives is here to help.  Schedule an appointment for a free pregnancy test and you will have the results during your visit.  If the test is positive, a free ultrasound can confirm your pregnancy and find out approximately how far along you are. 

A positive pregnancy test can be overwhelming.  You may feel rushed or pressured to make a decision quickly.  You deserve to take the time and figure out the benefits and risks of each option to make an informed decision.  You may have a lot of questions and we will try to help you sort through all your feelings and understand the options of parenting, adoption and abortion.  

All of our services are free and confidential regardless of age, income, race, or religion.  Since there is no cost, we do not benefit financially from your decision. 

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